An extra car, potentially,  or does your garage sometimes get overcrowded, and you need extra space for your mower? Letting it park outside, for the time being, could be a good solution.

Metal Garages are very popular as they often consist of single-piece construction, which makes them easier to expand. Initially, they tend to need more work, but the conversion is still fairly inexpensive.

Making deep & wide cuts in metal is a bit tricky, especially with a skilled professional. Most auto-body shops need this skill set. So instead, metal shelves can get installed for expanded storage below your carport – or alternative center-of-the-garage options like indoor parking are explored.


There are a few steps that you may take when installing a metal carport. Depending on the present environment, you’ll need some initial construction.

Keep reading to discover how you can extend your metal carport.

1: An Extra Room

Your metal carport is an extra room that can be converted and renovated. Whether you want to add a gym, playroom, or even craft room, you can easily do this by renovating your carport in your yard.

When it comes to flooring, wall insulation, and carport design, choose what is appropriate for the product you ultimately use your carport for and how often you plan on using it. You can also add decorative items after your carport has been completed.

Carport conversions are a great way to save space and add more options to your backyard. While this will require more extensive renovation, getting extra living space is worthwhile.

Try renting a guest room in your home or checking out one of the many hotels nearby. With these options available, you’ll have an opportunity to have a private space that’s just for you and your guests.

2: Home Office

With the increased demand for home offices, it’s worth considering turning your carport into a workspace. The space of your metal carport can be customized to suit your needs. If you want to convert your carport into a home office, you can add workstations to improve your work processes.

Not only will you have more space, but separating your office from your home can help foster greater psychological well-being and provide more space for work.

3: Theater

Why not convert your country home into an outdoor movie theater? There are plenty of different drive-through movie theaters in the country these days.

Nothing is more atmospheric or immersive than watching your favorite film in the movie theatre. The combination of a projector, sound system, and large screen creates such a majestic experience that you’ll always want to return. Adding sofas or chairs can make it feel like you’re in the movie- but remember to budget well since they don’t come cheap!

4: Greenhouse

Building your greenhouse and having enough space can take a lot of work if you’re a gardener. That’s why it’s easy to customize an easy carport that fits your home and allows you to grow plants year-round.

Metal carports, versatile and attractive structures, are sturdy and long-lived. They provide a space to grow even in harsh conditions. They are easily enhancing the framework of your home!

5: Extending A Metal Carport

The process is much easier if you want to add space for a second vehicle on your existing metal carport. In either case, however, it can be quite challenging.

6: End Walls

One of the most common methods for expanding your home is to remove a side or end wall and then build an addition there. Be sure to measure your walls carefully for extensions before purchasing new tiles.

Ensure the angle of your roofs is set properly to prevent leaks. One often way to expand the structure is to remove one of the sides or end walls and have an addition there. 

It’s best if your unit has an end or side wall! A vertical-style roof is necessary to prevent potential leaks if you plan to extend from the end walls.

7: Adding Length to A Metal Carport

If you want to extend your carport further, your building permits and other considerations are different and can be discussed. Construction is often complicated, but it will be worth the effort. Metal carports are typically easier to manage for length increasing rather than width increasing.

8: Portability

If you’re considering a move, you can have a range of kits to suit your needs. Not for everyone but for those who need something more permanent than a carport, the metal frames and tarp combination means you can transport it easily, and it will last longer than you think.

For carports with two or more walls, the process could take up to half a day’s worth of work. It does not include the concrete slab used as the carport flooring.

Follow these steps to extend the length of your metal carport:

1: Remove the side paneling and roof

After you are finished with the installation, put the paneling back on or use it for something else. As you build, you’ll need access to the struts, so removing all the sheeting is best.

2: Extend the pad

Consider whether adding additional support struts would be practical for the concrete slab you want to use for your carport. If so, ensure the slab is long enough to fit them. The added struts will be supported more deeply by a slab you’ll need to pour.

3: Erect the struts

For some RV-sized spaces, you may only need to add one strut. For larger-sized areas, like a carport or garage door, you may need to add TWO trusses and secure them exactly like the original ones.

4: Replace the sheeting

You will need new sheeting to cover the additional length.

Adding Width to A Metal Carport

Suppose you want to add some width to your carport. Then the steps are similar to those required to extend its length. The additional materials will vary depending on the size of your carport.

The good news is that many vendors can supply the materials you need to add width to your carport. On top of the struts and sheeting required, you may also want to add a gable and front-facing sheeting to cover the gap between the mounts and extend your lagging.

If your carport is built from both columns and rafters in two pieces, you can use this as a template to extend your roof. Of course, you will still need additional materials to complete the project.

Adding more depth to an existing carport will involve a lot of expense and effort. For a much easier workaround, consider adding an extension to the side of your carport.

While the covered lean-to won’t match the original carport’s style, it will add additional width and more parking space without requiring as much work or money.

The Double Carports carport is attached to the side of the house. You will need to remove the sheeting from the side of this area and some roof sheeting if it is connected. Once this process is complete, you can build your new carport.


Steel Garage Kits are generally seen as just an avenue to park your vehicle and protect them from exposure to the natural elements. However, if you own one, you will benefit more than just your car- take a look at these 5 ways owning a car yard can help your business.

Carports are great for reducing land space. By using them as storage space, you can also reduce your dependence on other forms of storage. Using a carport also allows you to save money by not having to spend more on a garage, and this saves time due to the increased flexibility in your schedule.